Despite High Vaccination Rates, Vermont Has High COVID Numbers

Vermont, the left-wing New England paradise is witnessing a record number of residents being hospitalized for COVID-19 symptoms. This is despite the highest immunization rate in the United States. In the Green Mountain State, hospital admissions to COVID have increased rapidly over the past four months. With just 640,000 inhabitants, 84 people are currently in hospital receiving treatment. 22 of these […]

‘Safe Injection Sites’ Could be the Answer to Americas Drug Problems

More than 100,000 Americans were killed by drug overdoses last year. Opioids were responsible for the overwhelming majority of these overdoses. Experts cite heroin and fentanyl as the most dangerous drugs. The majority of users will eventually inject these drugs. This could cause death due to the different dosages and additives used by addicts to enhance their […]

Media Headlines Continue to be Dishonest About Waukesha Massacre

CNN continues to be dishonest despite the fact that it has been a week since the Wisconsin mass murder. The left-wing network is now being attacked on social media for blaming a vehicle in the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre instead of the repeat felon responsible. CNN made a sloppy inference that “a car” was responsible for […]

Gov. of NY Declares a State of Emergency Over New COVID Variant

After the news of the Omicron variant appearing in South Africa, Kathy Hochul, New York’s governor declared an emergency in the Empire State. Hochul’s press releases about her state-of-emergency declaration begin with the following: “Governor Kathy Hochul today declared urgent action to increase hospital capacity and address staffing shortfalls before potential spikes in COVID-19 this winter.” Perhaps all […]

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