A New ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ with Build Back Better


Remember Schoolhouse Rock? In the ’70s and ’80s, when Saturday morning television was worth watching Schoolhouse Rock was around. Gen X children and some later Baby Boomers learned math, science, and history by watching the cartoons.

The Schoolhouse Rock cartoon that explained how a bill is made into law was one of the most memorable.

Schoolhouse Rock is so popular that you’ll find it used in so many places. In 2014, Saturday Night Live parodied “I’m Just a Bill”, in an attempt to mock Barack Obama’s tendency to rule via executive order.

Care in Action has now released its Schoolhouse Rock takeoff. This one promotes Build Back Better. It’s terrible.

The song lasts only 30 seconds, thank goodness. It’s not a huge hit with lyrics like “I’m an invoice with historic and critical investments in child care and climate care, immigration and more.” This one is unlikely to be remembered fondly by children when they are older. Let’s not forget how terrible the animation is.

Yes, this song was thought to be a great idea.

Care in Action believes that this video will change people’s minds about Build Back Better. This is the unclear part, but it’s clear that the left gives us something to smile about with the accompanying video and lame song. This is especially true when Build Back Better is not a laughing matter.