September 13, 20216min111
Schools in Ontario are facing backlash after burning or destroying books deemed offensive to First Nations, including classic comics such as Tintin and Asterix. The book burning, labelled an act of “flame purification”, was first undertaken in 2019 by the Providence Catholic School Board, a French-language school board in southwestern Ontario that manages 23 primary […]


August 1, 20214min192
An Italian anti-terrorism prosecutor has expressed concerns that radical Islamic jihadists are among the wave of illegal migrants coming to Europe from North Africa. National anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho expressed concern about the link between illegal migration and terrorism, particularly from migrants departing from Tunisia. The prosecutor spoke at a meeting […]


July 25, 20215min180
The senate of the Czech Republic has approved adding a right to self-defence with a weapon to its Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms following a successful petition campaign. A total of 54 of the 74 senators voted to amend the charter, surpassing the needed three-fifths majority of votes, and will become law once signed […]

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