Biden Still Hasn’t Caved to Pressure From Democrats to Keep Title 42 Restrictions


It’s some strange hill Biden chose to die on.

The only thing experts believe has prevented a humanitarian disaster at the border is Title 42’s immigration restrictions. They will be lifted on May 23. The Biden administration has yet to come up with a plan for dealing with the 18,000 illegal aliens who are expected to seek entry to the United States each day.

Republicans are obviously opposed to this. However, a growing number of Democrats, including Jeh Johnson, and former Obama administration DHS Secretary are raising alarm about what could happen to the party if Biden opens the doors and throws out the welcome mat.

Biden repeatedly and loudly promised Title 42 repeal during his 2020 campaign. Every time he mentioned Title 42, he was cheered with fervor. Title 42 was from Donald Trump’s evil orange-man-bad days and had to be erased from the collective memory.

Except Biden thought the policy was extremely useful, just like Trump and every president. However, now the radical progressive members are pressing for Title 42 to be repealed, despite the weeping of Arizona’s Senator Mark Kelly, and other vulnerable Democrats, to keep the restrictions in place until a credible plan can be formulated that will not lead to tragedy.


A White House official stated, under anonymity, that “it’s not like [we’ve] been hiding the ball here.” This is not a policy that we should applaud, defend or do anything. It is simply a directive for public health on whether processing migrants pose a public risk to public health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that there was not and we can proceed with lifting it on May 23,

Interviews with POLITICO revealed that immigrant advocates and lawmakers, as well as former officials of the administration, urged the White House not to change its mind and to communicate better to legislators and other stakeholders at the border. Many urged Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, to travel to the border before the May 23 policy shift to show the coordinated response by government agencies.

Are you really confused about the future of the restrictions? Biden’s administration will assure everyone that they are in control of the situation. That’s nonsense. The hurricane of humanity, which is about to strike the United States, could not be planned for by any government.

Border state Republicans have taken to court to prevent Title 42 from being lifted by the government. Biden is hoping that the courts will bail him out of this mess.

According to an immigration advocate who is familiar with the White House’s thinking, “The secret here is that they don’t believe they’re going to have to stop Title 42.” They expect to lose a suit that will force them to keep Title 42 in place.

Sensing an electoral Armageddon from Democrats, Democrats are openly insisting that Biden delay the end of Title 42 at all costs.

“Republicans have won this messaging war and they’re making open borders their main focus,” stated a former Biden administration official who spoke under anonymity to discuss the difficulties the current team is facing. “If Democrats could remind Americans that this was the brainchild [Trump senior adviser and hardline immigration advisor] Stephen Miller, who also separated thousands of children from their parents and campaigned to overturn all the cruel policies of Trump’s administration, I believe they would support it.”

A Morning Consult poll found that 56 percent of Americans disapprove of the White House’s plan for removing border controls from pandemic-era countries. This is Biden’s least popular policy. It is the exact reason Democrats are in such dire trouble this November: They think reminding people that this was a Trump-era strategy would change these numbers.

Biden basically tells moderate Democrats that you aren’t running this railroad and that if you don’t like it you can jump on the train any time. To placate his radical supporters, whose advocacy will get a lot more people killed, he has left them hanging.