Bidens First Formal Press Conference In Months

(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Next Wednesday, President Joe Biden will take the podium during his first press conference since March 2021. This is because Americans want answers on a variety of policy issues.

“[W]e are looking forward to seeing [you there] and to — The President looks forward to speaking directly with the American people,” Jen Psaki, Press Secretary, told reporters Friday.

Biden may sometimes answer questions from journalists but he usually walks away from the stage to avoid being scrutinized by the media.

The White House is making a joke about the timing of the press conference.

Biden was dealt the worst week since the Afghanistan catastrophe. Sen. Kyrsten (D-Ariz.), effectively killed the Freedom to Vote Act on Thursday. The Supreme Court also voted down the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandate for vaccine-or-testing.

Two crucial issues on the agenda of the administration were federal election reform and mandates for large corporations to get coronavirus vaccines. They blew up in front of the administration.

The moderates spoke to the president in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Sinema (D-W.Va.), and Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-W.Va.), on Thursday night. The legislation is supported by both senators, but they remain firm in their belief that the filibuster would be used to stop it from being passed.

Some progressives accused Sinema, Fox News, of being racist for wanting to continue the filibuster.

Their exaggerated behavior has led to the president’s agenda being canceled, and they now have to explain.

Although left-leaning media might choose to placate the president, Biden is known for his acrimony with the media, regardless of their political views.

After Kaitlan Collins asked him a question about Russia last June, he said that he was “in the wrong place” and later apologized. He hasn’t been “Mr. Transparent, despite Americans wanting to believe that.

The White House is setting Biden up for failure. Biden is not only gaffe-prone but also unprepared without notes and a teleprompter.

He will likely be asked questions about everything, from the economy to the pandemic. Is he able to do this calmly and accurately? I doubt it.

The White House is currently in crisis mode due to recent policy failures. Conservatives are confused and progressives furious.

It’s obvious that Wednesday’s event is a gift for Republicans.