Billionaires Are After Your Local Newspaper


Mark Zuckerberg and other tech billionaires are interested in your local newspaper.

Report for America sent its hand-selected woke journalists into local newsrooms throughout America to cover “underreported” stories such as climate issues and Census Bureau Block Party. They also covered how vaccines work, hate Donald Trump, and other topics.

The low-cost assistance is a delight for newspaper owners.

Report for America gives “gifts” to local newspapers, for instance.

RFA was founded on the ideas of its founders Steven Waldman & Charles Sennott. They work as journalists for The GroundTruth Project.

Zuckerberg and his charity Chan Zuckerberg Initiative have made millions of dollars in this effort.

They are not a bunch o’ beanbags. Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chau spent $300,000,000 to seize control of the Elections Offices with Center for Tech and Civic Life in 2020. This was in an effort to tip the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

You may believe Zuckerberg is doing a good job to fight COVID. But, you should think again.

Biden made efforts to get the vote out, but they were turned into election offices.

Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) joined forces with Google and other high tech firms to fund hundreds of millions of dollars for already taxpayer-funded elections in the country. Joe Biden was a major beneficiary of this funding.

Apart from Zuckerberg’s fraud at the election office, there are many examples of billionaires with similar mindsets who, according to one writer, are a cadre of “nonelected monarch[s]” “shaping public life.” “

George Soros, a billionaire, funded the reform of the justice system by funding woke district attorneys and Secretaries of State candidate campaigns. Bloomberg, a multibillionaire, purchased apparatchiks to be used by State Attorney General offices in order to “bring politically motivated litigations.” ” “

Do you find it strange that laws are suddenly not being followed? The bail system has virtually disappeared. Crime rates are on the rise. Their plan included chaos.

These giants are willing to spend their hard-earned money on a complete gag.

You might be wondering why the Corporation for Public Broadcasting provides taxpayer money for this program.

It works like this: News outlets agree to take “corps members”, and RFA agrees that half of their salaries will be paid. The new model is called “shared investments in local reporting”. ” “

This is an attempt to break the link between local capitalism and news and put it in the hands of woke Leftists.

In order to increase incentives, small news outlets supporting Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill will be eligible for tax write-offs or subsidies.

Big Tech will be the sole gatekeeper for news content. They will also capture local news. Hunter Biden was a religious artist. Trump is a Russian spy agent. It was not an insurrection without seditionists. There was no comedy in the 2020 election.

The Associated Press and The Washington Post are the major players in the information cartel. Financial Times is available on Google/YouTube. The Wall Street Journal

They are not interested in hearing any other opinions.

Big Tech “monarchs”, won’t stand by while RFA-associated newspapers write a damning article against their policies. Tony Fauci would also not finance a program that claimed AIDS wasn’t caused by Wuhan gain-of-functions research.

These woke tycoons are likely to have their way with a small group of news outlets that is most closely linked to small-town America. Local newspapers will be censored by the billionaires.