California Governors Race: Larry Elder Makes His Decision


Although the “Sage of South Central”, California’s governor, may not run again in 2022. However, Larry Elder’s recent dip into political activism could prove to be a huge boon for Republicans.

According to a news release, Elder announced Tuesday that he will launch the Elder for America PAC. This PAC is aimed at supporting races at the federal level during midterms.

The political action committee will also support local races that are focused on “public safety” and “education.”

Elder stated that he ran for governor because he wanted to make a difference.

“I don’t know the future, but my campaign was able to draw millions of votes and millions of dollars in a short time. This shows that our message resonates with Americans and that we can use that message to benefit others.”

Although only 38 percent of Californians voted “Yes” to recall, Elder won 48 percent among a crowded field that included 46 candidates, according to KTLA-TV.

The incumbent Democratic Governor was quickly influenced by his candidacy. Gavin Newsom was a punching bag for making false comparisons with former President Donald Trump. Californians were repeatedly misled into believing that Elder would elect a fringe right-winger if elected. This was clearly false.

Elder also distinguished himself from the rest of the Republicans by refusing to debate his challengers. Ying Ma, his spokeswoman, stated that the candidate would face a “circular firing squad” according to The Times of San Diego.

No matter what the final results were, Elder managed to rally the proTrump Republican base. Many of these voters had been hesitant to vote after false allegations of voter fraud in 2020. Although Newsom may have had a harder time in general, his presence in the race made it more difficult. However, a PAC bearing his name on it will definitely have perks.

Republicans made inroads in minorities communities in the 2020 election. Elder could help to increase that in urban areas. The committee’s emphasis on education and public safety could also have huge implications. This is because major cities are currently experiencing a wave of crime, while suburban areas are facing a crisis in confidence with regard to their local school boards.

The governor’s decision not to run for another term will allow other rising leaders in California to have their say against him, even though Newsom is likely to be comfortably in the Governor’s Mansion for a second term.