California Lawyers Train Teachers to Deceive Parents While Grooming Children


This is an excellent example of why “groomer” is true. Ventura County, California: A law firm advised public school teachers to deceive parents of children suffering from gender dysphoria, or confusion, according to the California Department of Education.

Gender LCBQ published a blog on Substack that detailed the presentation made by the lawyers to educators.

The Ventura County Office of Education hosted an online webinar via Zoom in November 2021 for educators from area public schools on “the legal & practical considerations for ‘affirming the identities of transgender students in school.” This webinar gives a rare glimpse into the training process of county education offices in California for students who have experienced gender changes. The webinar was three hours long and featured 94 slides.

The webinar was presented by attorneys who gave teachers many suggestions for how to encourage students to adopt a new gender identity and not have their parents find out. These include:

Encourage students to complete “get to know you,” forms at the beginning of each school year in order to encourage them to reveal their pronouns.

Encouraged to use non-gendered terms such as “mom” or “dad” instead of using gender-neutral terms such as “parents” for the sake of inclusion.

I was told that parents have the right not to allow their children to complete sex education. However, the opt-out does not apply to LGBT-inclusive education if it is taught outside of sex education.

Explain to students that students have a right to privacy that is superior to a parent’s right to information.

They also advised educators to stop keeping written records of any discussions between students and school officials if they didn’t want to get parents’ consent to their children changing their names or gender. Parents have the right to see these documents.

They also suggested ways to hide documents such as the Gender Support Plan. This is basically a guideline to help a student socially change to the other sex. This includes items like choosing pronouns and which bathrooms/locker rooms you want to use, changing your name, and other steps. These plans should be kept “in personal possession” by teachers, meaning they are not required to share with parents.

The attorneys also suggested that schools issue two ID cards. One with the students’ legal names and one with their chosen names. They could then trick parents into thinking nothing is happening. Teachers were also informed that they could use the child’s normal name to send mass emails to families and then change it to their preferred name.

Each suggestion was created to assist schools in keeping parents informed if their children have confused about gender. But it gets even worse. Teachers were also given advice by the attorneys on how to teach sexual orientation and gender identity, without parents’ permission. The attorneys explained how educators could incorporate progressive ideas about gender ideology, sexuality, and other topics into their curriculum without parents’ knowledge, provided it was not taught in sex education.

The school must inform parents about the formal sex education curriculum. They can also notify their children that they have the right not to be enrolled in sex-ed classes. This only applies to formal sexual education. However, it is possible for problematic teachings about gender and sexuality to be instilled into other subjects such as history and English, anti-bullying programs, and Social-Emotional Learning Training. Teachers can easily take advantage of this loophole.

The training’s sole purpose was to assist teachers in cutting out parents from the equation when teaching about sexuality and gender identity. Gender Support Plan is an example of state-sponsored grooming. It is kept away from parents. Although the teachers do not want to have sexual relations, they groom the students to be transgender, without their parents knowing. This is probably one reason why there has been an increase of 4,000% in transgender girls becoming transgender boys.

Progressives are apt to be critical of conservatives using the term “grooming” when they refer to these practices. What else can we call it when counselors, teachers, and other school faculty are actively working to help children transition without their parent’s knowledge? These schools are constantly looking for ways to not notify parents when they teach children progressive views about sexuality and gender. This is happening despite what the left would have us believe.