Chuck Schumer’s Gamble With Voting Rights


This week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned that Republicans who don’t support Democrats’ unconstitutional efforts to nationalize elections may be able to take steps to eliminate legislative checks and balances. Senator Byrd put it even more clearly: “Congress doesn’t have to abide by the dead hand of the past.”Schumer refers to the “past”, which is when he was leading 300 filibusters under Donald Trump’s presidency. “The checks-and-balances that say you can’t get 100% if 51% or more votes are dead,” Schumer stated.

To avoid being conniving, power-hungry, and partisan hypocrite Schumer justifies his attacks against norms by pretending the nation is under threat of “democracy”.

Schumer combined two of the most dangerous and cynical projects of contemporary left politics. This was part of a wider effort to create a direct democracy capable of passing large, unalterable policies in a short time. Schumer proposes to nationalize elections by overturning the will of voters and forcing states into chaotic voting rules that he believes will be beneficial to Democrats long-term. But, voting is not a right without valid identification. Democrats also don’t propose to repeal the First Amendment protections. They have suggested that political organizations must disclose their donors. This would increase bureaucratic hurdles for speech participants.

House Democrats approved a bill to improve voting. It would require states that they count mail-in ballots received up until 10 days following Election Day. The bill also requires that states allow ballot harvesting. States must also allow voter ID laws to apply. State legislatures can coerce states into banning voter ID laws. They can also make states allow felons to vote. The bill would require online registration, early voting, and automatic voter registration.

I’m sorry, but there are no synonyms for “force”.

It is not the government’s business to do this. Democrats would have Georgia and Texas voter integrity laws ruled out in court if they truly believed that these laws were threatening democracy. They wouldn’t use them to try to take over the system. It is highly unlikely that Schumer will succeed.

It is clear that Democrats are on the verge of losing what could prove to be a difficult midterm vote, despite not passing welfare expansion and having to deal with many more presidential missteps. They will be relying upon the notion that basic voter integrity can be considered racist.

Schumer said that Republicans who believe Americans need to present photo IDs to vote can be compared to “violent insurrectionists.” Schumer’s power, however, makes him a greater threat than any rando who showed up at the Jan. 6 riots. His attacks on the constitutional order, unlike their actions, would continue in perpetuity.