COVID Divided America


News Nation and Decision Desk HQ teamed up to conduct a poll about Americans’ attitudes towards Covid and the government handling of the pandemic. This poll shows that Americans remain divided on many issues related to the pandemic. Nearly 80% of respondents say they are concerned about Covid or future variants. Pluralities say they are extremely concerned.

44% of respondents also feel that Covid restrictions don’t go far enough. It is difficult to know what participants feel is missing because Covid policy is different across the country. However, 67% of participants report wearing a mask inside public spaces, while 50.3% support policies that require it. Americans seem slightly less inclined to require proof of vaccination in public places. It is supported by approximately 66%, while 36.1% support it strongly. This is alarming, as 52% believe that the pandemic will not end.

It is hard to believe that those who support vaccine mandates want scenes like this all across the country. Is this the right place for New York’s police to spend their time in an age of increasing crime and mild omicron variants? The unvaccinated, and possibly Covid rehabilitated, should be denied unlimited breadsticks. :

Americans are united only in their distrust for key institutions. Scott Tranter, an advisor for Decision DeskHQ, said to News Nation that Americans are united in their distrust of key institutions. Nearly 55% of respondents disapprove the president’s handling the pandemic. Only 45% approve. The net approval rating for Biden’s handling of the presidency is -13. For information on Covid, only 30.8% of Americans trust Dr. Anthony Fauci and just over 50% trust federal health authorities such as the FDA and CDC. Only 10.2% of people trust information about Covid from news media.

At higher rates, people trust experts and officials closer to them. Nearly 30% believe that the federal, state, and local authorities communicated well regarding vaccines and boosters. However, 40% of respondents say neither. 19.3% of respondents favored the state and local authorities, while 11% preferred the federal government. Even though trust in government health professionals is declining, 63.2% trust their own doctors.

The results of a survey asking people if they have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine were similar to those from the CDC. 73.9% answered yes. Nearly half of those surveyed reported having received a booster. News Nation’s analysis of the poll shows that there are differences in booster uptake based on race and age. Only 31% of participants of color were black and only 29% of those below 35 received a booster. Americans over 55 are the most likely to receive a booster at 73%. The rate decreases with each age.

Nearly 80% of respondents are at least slightly concerned about Covid. However, 92% worry about inflation. If asked to choose the most serious problem, 40% chose Covid and 45.4% chose inflation. 41% report that they are worse off than they were one year ago and 19.5% report that they are more financially secure. This poll shows that Republicans are +4.5% in a generic election, despite the lack of trust in Biden’s key advisors on Covid+ and a dim view on the economy.

These polls are the strongest argument for radical federalism. Trump has made it clear that proximity enabled governors and mayors to coordinate state and local Covid responses. They could identify the needs that the federal government could fulfill. America witnessed that in the initial days of the pandemic, the military built temporary hospitals at the request of local leaders. There was also a national effort by the government to purchase PPE globally and distribute it. And, an unprecedented effort to increase the production of ventilators nationally.

A federal system that appeared to be working turned into Democrats and the media demanding one approach for a vast, geographically and ideologically diverse country. Covid’s experience shows that any national approach to policy matters will not work. The Trump presidency saw Democrats and the media embrace federalism. Unfortunately, Democrats are able to California the entire country when they’re in power. It is possible that this could explain why their hold on power does not last.