Despite High Vaccination Rates, Vermont Has High COVID Numbers


Vermont, the left-wing New England paradise is witnessing a record number of residents being hospitalized for COVID-19 symptoms. This is despite the highest immunization rate in the United States.

In the Green Mountain State, hospital admissions to COVID have increased rapidly over the past four months. With just 640,000 inhabitants, 84 people are currently in hospital receiving treatment. 22 of these are being held in an ICU. New York is home to around 300 coronavirus-infected people, which is 30 times more than the population.

Vermont’s southwestern region, which is near the Massachusetts border, has a high number of hospitalizations. According to Vermont’s Department of Health, most people are not fully vaccinated against the virus.

“We know that people who have not been fully vaccinated are coming to the hospital at higher rates, and they are staying longer, consuming hospital resources,” Mike Pieciak, Vermont Financial Regulation Commissioner, told a local news affiliate.

Gov. Governor Phil Scott and other top health officials continue to advocate COVID-19 vaccinations and booster doses for severe viral symptoms. A likely next step is a cancellation of or delay of elective surgery.

Residents are advised to use masks in public places by the Scott administration. Although there is no state mandate, municipalities have been given the authority for their own masking rules.

Vermont Public Radio, which might be left of Lenin acknowledged that Wednesday’s situation, and then shared anecdotes, excuses, and stories — such as the cold weather. They also called for boosters, noting that “for many Vermonters though it’s been more than 6 months since their last shot.”

Stephen Kissler from Harvard School of Public Health was quoted by the network as saying, “While vaccines seem to be quite good at preventing people going to the hospital or dying, we still see people with breakthrough infections that cause symptoms.” This is not what we want.

VPR also stated that their state is unusual in that only a small percentage of residents have been affected by COVID infections. This means that an estimated 13 percent of Vermonters have been affected.