Did The Maricopa County Election Audit Vindicate Trump

Matt MargolisSeptember 25, 20211min
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The mainstream media was quick to jump on the leaked draft report of the Maricopa Country 2020 election audit, claiming (falsely) that it proved Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of Arizona.

It did no such thing. Like the hand recounts before it, the hand recount conducted by the audit team found few discrepancies in the vote tallies of the ballots. The forensic audit, however, did uncover 57,734 ballots impacted by irregularities—which is 5.5 times Biden’s state-certified margin of victory of 10,457 votes. The audit team acknowledged that “in many cases there could be legitimate and legal votes within the Ballots Impact amount,” but without vetting these votes, we’ll never know. The results of the election can’t be changed at this point, but the audit team did make a number of suggestions for legislative fixes to make Arizona’s elections more secure.


Source: Pj Media : Did The Maricopa County Election Audit Vindicate Trump?

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