Disinformation Board Faces Heavy Criticism; Elon Musk Calls it Discomforting


We brought you a story Wednesday’s on the mysterious-sounding “Disinformation Governance Board” and Thursday’s heated critique of the Biden Administration’s plan. At a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Jim Jordan attacked the idea. It was called “discomforting” by Elon Musk via Twitter.

This board was established to counter misinformation about irregular migration, Russian disinformation concerning our elections, and COVID misinformation. Many people doubt this explanation, believing that the board’s primary purpose is to censor conservatives or dampen criticism of the CDC/Biden Administration.

Jordan has taken DHS Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas into custody

Yesterday, Secretary you announced the disinformation governance panel at DHS. How can you undermine trust?

Jordan refused to relent and listed numerous other instances in which the government had released false information including Hunter Biden’s “laptops of hell”. Mayorkas responded:


“But that’s not what your bulletin talked about. Jordan said that it spoke of COVID. “

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley continued to work and wrote a letter for Mayorkas.

At first, I thought that the announcement was ridiculous. No American government would ever use its power to judge the First Amendment speech of its citizens.

Nina Jankowicz is being criticized as the executive director for the new board. Even the Hunter Biden Laptop story on Russian disinformation was attributed to her. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin senator, wasn’t impressed and called Jankowicz “a beacon for misinformation.” Hawley, however, called her a leftist radical .”

Jankowicz replied by saying Jankowicz was simply defending herself. Jankowicz responded by saying, “For those who believe this tweet is key to all my views, it simply happens to be a direct quote of both candidates during the final presidential debate.” You can view my timeline to see that I live-tweeted the entire evening. Yes, live-streamed your falsehood, Nina.

She isn’t a friend of free speech. This was her opinion in an interview prior to Elon Musk buying Twitter.

I find it hard to believe what the future would look like for marginalized communities if more platforms were taken over by absolute speech defenders

We don’t know yet how the board will operate or what penalties it may inflict upon those who spread negative information about the government. However, we do know that this criticism is justified. The administration must do its job and stop illegal immigration. Biden’s new thought police will not be able to combat Russian disinformation. If you want to end COVID misinformation, tell the CDC to stop issuing inconsistent data.

This board can be very disturbing and a serious threat to freedom of speech. The chart is a scientific summary that cannot be summarised in words.