Disney World Ends Mandatory Vaccines


Walt Disney World has temporarily stopped its COVID-19 vaccination mandate. FOX Business confirmed Sunday.

In a statement from Disney, they claimed that they believe their approach to mandatory vaccinations has been the correct one thus far.

Disney had announced that it would enforce mandatory vaccinations for all on-site salaried employees and non-union workers in July of 2021. Hourly employees nationwide were paid starting in July, six weeks before Joe Biden declared his vaccine mandate.

According to an internal memo obtained from FOX 35 Orlando the pause will continue in effect while they “assess the new state laws protecting workers against vaccine mandates.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approved legislation last week to protect workers in Florida from being fired due to mandatory vaccines. Employers face a $50,000 fine per violation.

DeSantis stated in a Press Release, “Nobody should lose his job because of heavy-handed COVID mandates, and we had the responsibility to protect Florida’s livelihoods,”.