Elections Have Been Delegitmized By Democrats For Years


In a partisan effort to delegitimize 2022’s election, President Joe Biden was joined by Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader, and many other Democrats. The president was twice asked by reporters whether voters can trust the electoral system. He also stated that fair elections were unlikely unless the Senate was destroyed and the Democrats’ election power grab passed. This maneuver is far more dangerous and long-lasting than any Donald Trump plan.

This is not a new way of expressing regret at the “Big Lie.” The conspiracy theories surrounding Trump’s election fraud have been documented in detail. Sometimes, it seems like Trump has simply borrowed the language of Democrats who have been playing this horrible game for years. It’s not just the Stacey Abrams-style, evidence-free sore-loserism we are often subject to. It is far more widespread.

During Trump’s first impeachment, which was more heady times when we were still pretending that we cared about Ukraine’s fate rather than inviting Vladimir Putin for a bite — Democrats claimed that Trump’s removal was a condition to fair elections. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, warned her colleagues that Trump’s fate should be decided by elections. Adam Schiff, one of the main perpetrators of the Russia “collusion” scam, agreed that Trump’s misconduct could not be resolved at the ballot box. “We cannot be sure that the vote will go fair.”

In fact, none of these individuals have ever presented any evidence that one person’s vote was altered, stolen, or changed by Trump, Russians, or anyone else. A healthy majority of Democrats believed that Putin had changed the vote totals at one time. It is still believed by many Democrats.

It’s hard to recall the bizarre Russia-hysterics, and other fantasy stories, that Democrats and their allies engaged in in order to undermine trust in the 2016 election and the 2020 contest. As if they were Masada holdouts, remember those insane politicians who chained themselves to mailboxes? Democrats shared photos of locked mailboxes in Burbank, California, a hotbed for contemporary white supremacism — which were meant to stop crime, not vote?

Pelosi summoned the House to an emergency session to address the “crisis of operational changes” that “slowed the mail and jeopardized the integrity of the electoral process.” These were routine cost-cutting measures, which Pelosi was well aware of. This was yet another attempt to undermine trust in 2020 and to advocate the anarchic COVID-era voting systems that Democrats want to normalize across all states.

It is not true that political journalists followed every elected Democrat to demand their solemn attestation of the sanctity and legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election. They were far from expelled as apostates from “democracy.” Hillary Clinton repeatedly claimed that Trump was “illegitimate”, and later advised Biden to not concede in close races. When Democrats were attempting to predict a possible 2020 loss, a scenario that didn’t “look that different” from 2016, with “a big popular victory for Mr. Biden and a narrow electoral defeat (in other words, a legitimate Trump win), John Podesta, a leading Democratic Party strategist, refused to concede. Instead, he claimed voter suppression and persuaded Democratic governors in Trump-won states that they send pro-Biden voters to the Electoral College to try to steal the election. Another scenario was that the Democratic House named Biden president unilaterally.