Fake News Continues to be a Media Issue

(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Fake news is not new. Fake news was likely invented within seconds of the invention of the printing press. It won’t disappear, that is the problem.

Fake news has not changed much in the past 185 years. Fake news spreads quicker now, that’s the main difference. According to Mark Twain, fake news spreads faster than real news. This was nearly 100 years ago.

Lefty news outlets reported Nick Sandmann, a white 16-year old boy wearing a MAGA hat, put his arrogant, prolife-minded chops under the grill of a friendly Native American male in Washington, D.C. The picture below was a wake-up call for the nation.

In a matter of minutes, Sandmann was threatened with a fire at his home as he and his family were sleeping. His school was shut down by bomb threats for several days. He was wanted dead by Leftists. We then saw the video. Sandmann smiled like a professional agitator while Black Hebrew Israelites, adults, shouted obscenities at him. Sandmann sued many news outlets and is still suing others. He is expected to be a billionaire.

It is a great sum. After what the liberal media has put Sandmann and his friends through, they deserve it. The news outlets were not punished for their actions, so they won’t be sued again. They did.

Kyle Rittenhouse, contrary to what you might have heard, is not a racist or white supremacist. He doesn’t want to shoot people. But that is what a large portion of the country believes. This is largely due to the seething bigotry of media skanks Joy Reid and Don Lemon.

Joy Reid, in the video below, actually compares Rittenhouse’s actions with those of a slave-catcher.

Reid and her associates decided Rittenhouse had to be racist because he killed three people at a BLM Riot. They were not peaceful protestors. They were attacking Rittenhouse, and Rittenhouse had no choice but to fire his most peaceful AR-15 at him. It didn’t matter that one of them was a serial child-rapist. For race-baiters like Reid, racism equals dollar signs. To keep the cheddar coming in, Reid will happily tell a lie, even if Rittenhouse or Judge Schroeder (who presided over Rittenhouse’s trial) is inundated by death threats. Joy Reid has never valued truth. It is the narrative that matters.

The black supremacist/terrorist who injured 62 people while running into a Christmas parade in Waukesha hates white people and sides with Hitler when it comes to Jewish people. He also had opinions on Rittenhouse. From where did he obtain these opinions? He was adamant about hurting white people, and he continued to do so shortly after the Rittenhouse verdict. From where did he get his information about Rittenhouse Leftist news morons claimed Rittenhouse was a racist and even compared him to a slave-catcher. Is it any surprise that six white people were killed, one of them a child? And almost 60 others were injured by an angry black man? Angrily about what? We all are responsible for our actions and someone poisoned his brain. They should be held accountable.

We don’t know if Brooks was motivated by the Rittenhouse verdict. Although it is not impossible, we are still not sure of his motivation.

(I had to write the last line because I’m not allowed to speculate about Brooks’s motives and would not want to. PJ Media is held to a higher standard than MSNBC.

Freedom of speech is a slippery slope. While you and I cannot shout “Fire” in a packed theater, Joy Reid can shout “slave-catcher”, to a nation made up of black people and make them mad, and do it with impunity.

If I had lied in an article, and someone else read it and went on to murder people, I would feel a lot of responsibility. Joy Reid seems to not care that 62 people of color were hurt by an angry black man whose hateful social media feed is full. It’s the same hatred Reid spreads every night.

The freedom of the press is essential, but only if facts are presented. As we saw in Waukesha people will die if they don’t deal with facts.