Gov. of NY Declares a State of Emergency Over New COVID Variant

Mario Tama | Getty Images

After the news of the Omicron variant appearing in South Africa, Kathy Hochul, New York’s governor declared an emergency in the Empire State.

Hochul’s press releases about her state-of-emergency declaration begin with the following: “Governor Kathy Hochul today declared urgent action to increase hospital capacity and address staffing shortfalls before potential spikes in COVID-19 this winter.”

Perhaps all of them should be fired. It wasn’t a great idea to send unvaccinated, filthy healthcare workers back two months ago. It was actually quite stupid. It made me wonder if Cuomo’s COVID leadership book helped her to develop her COVID skills. Perhaps she wants to defeat Cuomo’s serial-killer toll. 15,000 dead New Yorkers.

Cuomo received $5.1 million for a book that sold 48,900 copies. To break even, the books had to have been sold at $104 per copy. They didn’t. He broke the rules by having New York state staffers create the book for him.

Cuomo’s people negotiated the book before Cuomo even closed down the state. Before Cuomo discovered that 66% of New York’s China Flu patients had been people who were locked down. Do you mean lockdowns don’t work?

Hochul seems a little too eager to show her totalitarian muscles. Why worry if there aren’t any Omicron cases? She claims that “it’s coming” and mentions “warning indicators” of COVID spikes in her press release. New York currently has an average of 27 China flu deaths each day. Florida has a yearly average of zero. Again, lockdowns don’t work.

Hochul’s declaration signifies that the Department of Health has the power to limit non-essential medical procedures in hospitals with limited beds. The maximum is 10%. Grandma’s new hip will have to wait. Hochul claims the order will increase hospital capacity and enable New York to acquire anti-COVID supplies quicker.

The emergency state will start on Dec. 3, 2021, and last until Jan. 15, 2022. It will then be reassessed.

Hochul’s press release continues to promote mask mandates and vaccines for children. The press release encourages people to be fully vaccinated, then get the booster. This is despite Israel’s finding that half of new COVID cases are people who have been fully vaccinated. The press release also states that the administration of her mother is ready to combat vaccine misinformation campaigns.

Even though 772 American children have died from the China flu, she wants them to be vaccinated. This is the 777,000 Americans that have died from the Chinese sneeze. That’s .099%.

Recall: Hochul declared a “state of emergency” over the Omicron variant, even though no cases have been reported in New York. This is despite the fact that 90.2% of adults have received at least one dose. Even though Hochul fired thousands of healthcare workers in September, her order is said to “expand hospital capacities rates”.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity can double your chances of becoming seriously ill with COVID. Hochul’s press release covers all the COVID-related points, including vaccinations and masks. However, it does not recommend that people walk or avoid sugary carbs.

Biden also recently placed travel restrictions on several African countries. Isn’t this “racist”?

Clowns will always be clowns and it would be foolish for us to think they could be anything other than that.