Is This Ghislaine In Photo Of JonBenet Ramsey Shortly Before Her Death?


A photograph of child murder victim JonBenét Ramsey that originated from the A&E Network and was later published in an article by The Sun shows what appears to be Ghislaine Maxwell, the embattled British socialite who was recently arrested, in the background:

Here is a collage showing the same picture (upper left) and various angles of Maxwell’s face for comparison:

The Sun also published the last known photo of Ramsey with the following caption:

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Six-year-old JonBenet smiles for the camera hours before she was murdered in her own home in Colorado.

Although multiple theories exist explaining Ramsey’s death, her case remains unsolved to this day.

UPDATE: It appears the same Denver, CO based law firm has represented members of the Ramsey family as well as Ghislaine Maxwell in the past –

From The Denver Post:

Mom hires another lawyer

From Jewish Business News:

Lawyers For British Socialite Accused Of Pimping ‘Sex Slave’ To Jeffrey Epstein Push To Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit

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Image Credits: A&E, The Sun, 4chan

Author: Cloverchronicle

Source: Cloverchronicle: Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Spotted In Photograph Of JonBenet Ramsey Shortly Before Her Death

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