Pedophiles Within the School Systems


The Department of Education established a new data collection point during the Trump administration. It would not only include students who were raped or led to convictions, but also students who were sexually abused or fondled. These incidents resulted in the reassignment of an offender to another school before the investigation was complete. Creepy Joe’s Department of Education removed that requirement. They will no longer track teachers who have a relationship with children and hide it from others.

Many people are unaware that public schools often treat molestation by teachers in the same manner as the Catholic church, which is to move offenders around to other institutions. The problem is much worse in America’s public schools than it is in the Catholic church. A DOE study found that the number of sexual offenders in American public schools is 100 times higher than that of the church scandal.

Take a look at the following statistics: The Department of Education conducted a 2002 study on sexual abuse in schools as a requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Carol Shakeshaft, a researcher at Hofstra University, looked into the issue and found that the first thing she thought of when Education Week covered the study was the daily headlines regarding the Catholic Church.

She said, “[T]hink that the Catholic Church has problems?” “Physical sexual abuse of students at schools is more than 100 times greater than abuse by priests.”

Democrats have a problem with allowing sex criminals to be excused. One could argue that Virginia went to Republicans in the last election, because the Loudoun County School Board covered the rape of a student, and then sent him to another school. The case was highly controversial and the Washington Free Beacon mentioned it.

Democrats across the country have become concerned about the mishandling of sexual assault cases in public schools. Parents were upset by allegations that school officials in a Northern Virginia school district failed to disclose a double case of sexual assault just weeks before the gubernatorial elections. Teacher union-backed Democrat Terry McAuliffe was defeated by Republican Glenn Youngkin, who won the commonwealth by a 10 point margin.

This is a large margin. Why would the Biden administration align itself with pedophiles? They continue doing it. From grieving Joseph Rosenbaum’s death to ignoring the willful criminality of Loudoun County School Board to now, they continue to downplay pedophilia.

Let me tell you, Democrats: Americans hate sexual pedophiles. It is a losing strategy to hide, support, or allow pedophilia unrecorded, unpunished. Maybe I should just shut up and not interrupt their big mistakes.