Public Health Experts Are Learning the Cost of Their Lies and Bullying About COVID as Childhood Vaccination Rates Fall


“Public health experts” observed that childhood vaccination rates were dropping throughout the pandemic. This turn of events seemed to have shocked them. Most of us could have seen the atmosphere of fear and unreasoning violence imposed on the nation by Pharma, the media, and millions of very stupid people, and predicted the outcome.

With the reign of terror ending and COVID panic being the province of idiots,

Here is an example: I will no longer fly @AlaskaAir unless they restore public safety measures against #COVID19. #boycottAlaskaAir. Eric Feigl – Ding (@DrEricDing), April 18, 2022

The people responsible for the panic are now beginning to look at the destruction caused by their labors.

Children are not getting caught up in routine shots that they missed during the pandemic. Many vaccination advocates are pointing out Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy to be a major reason.

POLITICO spoke to 10 states’ public health officials, including school nurses, doctors, and immunization advocates. They expressed concern that more families are putting their negative attitudes about the Covid-19 vaccine into shots for meningitis, chickenpox, and other diseases.

This spillover from vaccine hesitancy could also be fueling an increase in religious exemption requests by parents of school-aged kids. It is making it harder for states to catch up on children who missed immunizations during the early days of the pandemic when families skipped doctor’s appointments.

Politico published this observation in a story entitled: Children are falling behind in routine immunizations. Covid vaccine hesitancy doesn’t help.

The story continues to attempt to link some loosely connected correlations into causation and to transform that causation to blame.

The pandemic began with children’s immunization rates dropping dramatically. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observed a 15% drop in order levels for Vaccines for children from states in 2020 compared to pre-pandemic levels. This federal program covers about half of the country’s children. According to the CDC, order levels in 2021 were 7 percent lower than their pre-pandemic counterparts.

Florida’s surgeon general announced last month that Covid vaccines may not be beneficial for healthy children. The 2-year-old routine rate for all immunizations in county facilities fell from 92.1 percent to 79.3 percent in 2019 and will continue to fall until 2021.

Tennessee saw a decrease of nearly 14 percent in vaccines given to children below 2 years old between 2020 and 2021, compared to before the pandemic.

Idaho saw a decrease in the number of children who were vaccinated against measles, rubella, and mumps (MMR) vaccines by age 2. This is compared to the 21,000 that received the vaccine in 2018 and 2019, and 17,000 in 2021.

This is the classic example of “shooting your foot in the foot” and complaining about the pain.

There is no doubt that there is “vaccine hesitation” when it comes to having children vaccinated against COVID. It is clear that the COVID vaccine was approved for use in a population with minimal disease exposure. This is a rare step in vaccine development. Although an adult may agree to be vaccinated against COVID for a variety of reasons, such as to keep their job, it doesn’t mean that they will be willing to give their children a benefit that is orders of magnitude greater than the risk. The companies responsible for developing the COVID vaccines are now facing more questions as they try to hide clinical trial data. Pfizer and FDA, you know, those who are supposed to protect us, teamed up in one case to request a 55-year delay in the data release.

After using the political process as a bully and intimidation tool to get people to take a vaccine for a disease that was low-to-moderately risky for them, they are now asking for the politics to be stopped from it.

Hugo Scornik (a pediatrician who is also president of the Georgia Chapter of The American Academy of Pediatrics) stated that “we just want to keep measles and polio out of the political realm.”

Doc, that bell is too loud to be unrung. Parents are reluctant to make the COVID vaccine a political issue by tying it with childhood vaccinations.

The bottom line is that most people trusted their doctors before 2020 and mostly trusted so-called public health specialists. We don’t trust our doctors anymore since the pandemic. These people have lied and tried to manipulate us with fake information and fear in order to achieve a political goal. They no longer deserve our trust. We may see epidemics of infectious diseases that childhood vaccines cannot stop. But, when they do happen, remember that it is because of lies that were used to justify the COVID vaccination. “Vaccine hesitancy” can be based on fear and politics, not fear.