Secret Service Agent is Upset With Team Biden’s Lies


The Biden Administration seems to have set a new standard for blatant lies.

Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary), claimed Kamala Harris was hiding behind a mask and socially distancing herself from Joe Biden. Video clearly shows that this is not true.

They tell easy-to debunk lies, so they can lie about important matters even more.

They lie about dog bites.

Many of you may have heard about the March 2021 stories involving Major Biden and his dog, Biden, who allegedly nipped a person. Judicial Watch discovered more.

Psaki was able to downplay it by noting one incident in which someone “surprised” the dog. (Translate: It’s not the dog’s fault in the Biden family ).

We discovered that the White House wasn’t being transparent. It was not one nip. Major bit Secret Service personnel eight times in March. Only one incident was made public. Psaki was furious that she tried to minimize the problem.

The March 8 bite was actually the last in an eight-day streak. The injuries were described by a colleague as “severe”, and the injured agent complains about Psaki’s spin.

“NO! I didn’t surprise the dog by being at [redacted]!” said the agent to a colleague. “Now, I’m pissed,” he wrote.

The colleague replied, “SMH. I’m sorry you were hurt too much. “

Unidentified Secret Service personnel also wrote a message, referring to photographs of the area that had been bit and saying that the injury “can’t be described any other way than severe”.

The incident occurred at 7:15 AM on March 8. The agent was in White House residential areas, second floor with Jill Biden.

“Without warning or provocation, Major barked [at the agent] loudly…and was charged,” is the description in a newly released incident log.

According to the account, “having no time for fleeing the attack, [the agent] turned [redacted] his back on [redacted] and bit into [redacted] right leg.” “

According to records, Major bit the agent another time.

Another incident was reported in May when the dog attacked an agent.

A Secret Service agent sent an email explaining how the dog had jumped on my suit jacket’s sleeves on May 12, 2013. (My front teeth were only scratching the skin ). As I lifted my arm, the First Lady tried pulling the dog away from me.

Two additional incidents were also reported in February.

According to records, the Psaki agent received instructions from his supervisor to limit the details of the attack.

Major approached me from the corner and attacked me, ripping my wool overcoat that night,” the agent wrote two years later as he sought reimbursement. “

The unidentified Secret Service employees reprimanded the man, writing “Please submit language that has been approved by the legal office”. You should not alter the information given to you unless it is unacceptable.

You are free to go into more detail. If the [request] has been updated with the approved verbiage, the request will be processed.

The agent refused to reimburse him. He claimed that the government would not pay him back because it would be too costly for taxpayers. He instead wanted to hold the Biden family, dog owners, responsible.

“After much thought and reflection, I realized that the USSS should not be held responsible for the damage to my coat.” The agent said. The responsible party, i.e. tort, should bear the blame for any wrongdoing. This would be the dog owner/s.

It is unknown what will happen next.

This incident shows that the Biden team was more concerned with downplaying the issue than it was about the safety of the agents who were put at risk by the dog. They did not want to reveal details and make matters worse. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that the White House continues to withhold information and has not responded to these new revelations.

This shows how Joe Biden treats the people they owe for their protection.