Should We Be Watching For A System Collapse?


Many countries have experienced a “systems collapse” in modern times, just like ancient Rome. This is the sudden loss of the lifestyle that once prospered people had.

People suddenly find it hard to buy goods or find the necessities they once had.

Think about present Venezuela. In 2010, the once-prosperous oil-exporting country was in a dire financial situation. Crime was rampant and poverty was commonplace.

Nationalization and radical socialism were the culprits. Other factors include corruption, imprisonment of opposition and destruction of constitutional norms.

In the period 2009 to 2016, once-stable Greece nearly became a Third World country. Great Britain did it in the socialist 1970s.

Joe Biden’s youth presidency could be leading the United States into a similar crisis.

The Hard Left ideology has largely destroyed the idea of a border. Millions enter the United States illegally during a pandemic without being tested or vaccinated.

Official communique about vaccinations, herd immunity, and acquired immunity has changed to reflect perceived political realities.

America is slipping back into tribal society, after decades of improving race relations.

The crime rate is high. There are many ideologies and tribes that rule our lives.

Rising prices for essentials such as fuel, food, and housing threaten the middle class.

Millions of people remain at home, content to get a salary from the government for not working.

Nineteenth-century-style train robberies are back. The 1970s urban violence is back, with carjackings and looting as well as random murders of the innocent.

Now, we are back to the dark days of Vietnam’s defeat. In those days, U.S. Foreign Deterrence was also destroyed and global terrorism, or instability, were the norm.

Who would have thought, one year ago that America would ask Russia and Saudi Arabia for more oil? We canceled our oil fields and pulled our oil leases.

An earthquake, climate change, or the COVID-19 pandemic are not responsible for system collapse.

The majority of our illnesses are self-inflicted.

The Hard Left’s district attorneys in major cities will not charge thousands of criminals but instead, rely on social justice theories that have failed.

Law enforcement has been arbitrarily defunded, libeled, and defunded

The “Modern Monetary Theory” convinces ideologues that printing trillions of dollars will make the public rich while inflation is making the people poorer.

Critic race theory claims that current “good” racism can reverse the negative consequences of past racism. This is absurd. A once multiracial, tolerant nation is now similar to Yugoslav factionalism.

A callous woke ideology that puts little value on individuals but prioritizes the collective agenda is another culprit.

The trademarked word of Woke is “equity”, which refers to forced equality of the result. This means that we are becoming a comic-book version of victims and victimizers, with woke opportunists taking the role of our heroes.

The systematic attack on our ancient institutions was perhaps the most strange thing about 2021. For their incompetence, we made fun of our ancestors.

The woke have launched a war against the 233-year-old Electoral College and the right of states to determine their own balloting rules for national elections. They also oppose the 180-year-old filibuster, the nine-person Supreme Court, and the 150-year-old Supreme Court.

The U.S. Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, Center for Disease Control, and National Institutes of Health were revered up until recently. Career professionals were largely unaffected.

Not now. Citizens aren’t to trust Washington grandees who place politics above public service.

James Comey, former FBI chief, Andrew McCabe, and Attorney General Merrick Galrland were all politicalized and have greatly exceeded their professional responsibilities.

They spoke as though they were elected legislators to reelection. Other demonized critics. Many aspired to be media stars.

This governmental freefall is largely attributable to the president. He is incompetent, petulant and tragically confused.

Who is going to stop us from falling into self-inflicted madness and collective poverty?