SWATTED! Popular Podcast Gets Raided


Tim Pool, host and presenter of the podcast “Timcast,” was en route to a broadcast when police raided his studio after receiving a false report that a gunman was at the property threatening to kill others.

The cameras were rolling throughout the event, and the show continued despite being interrupted by police. Pool was not happy that the police had entered his home without a warrant. He said that he was extremely upset about this. “I don’t like cops coming into my house when there are mats that say ‘come home with a warrant. ‘”

Pool stated that police had apologized but had received a call from a gunman threatening to kill other people. Pool also said that they were sorry. They were polite and I don’t want them to be dragged or made to feel bad about it. But, I am not happy that they walk into the studio when we are live.

Pool claimed that the police had told him they were going on a sweep of his home and asked for a warrant. Pool also said that the police refused entry to the person who answered the door, but they did so anyway. Pool’s guest, Brandon Tatum is a former officer in the police force and suggested that Pool establish a relationship with them so that such an incident does not occur again. Tatum was a great example of how to handle difficult situations and keep a cool head during stressful times. Pool did report that the officers left when Pool asked them to. This was after they had done a quick inspection of the premises.

Since before Christmas, Pool has been in hot water. He invited Jack Murphy, a disgraced grifter and “apex alpha gigachad”, to the show. Murphy had verbally abused Sydney Watson after he asked him questions about an article in which he detailed in detail how he likes being a “cuckold”. The videos of Murphy performing became viral. You can read my full report about the whole story here.

Pool invited Murphy to speak about his behavior. Pool’s audience was furious and demanded that Pool address Murphy’s behavior during live chats. He talks about how he wants sex to happen with college boys. He also advocates for traditional family values and charges vulnerable men for advice on being “alpha.”

Live chatters speculated that Jack Murphy might have been responsible for the swatting. Murphy is usually on Pool’s Wednesday show, but he was not there this Wednesday after the scandal broke. It is not clear that Murphy was involved in the police actions. Pool did not address Murphy’s drama on his last show, nor did he respond to any speculations about Murphy. PJ Media reached Jack Murphy to inquire if he was involved with the swatting. At the time of publication, he did not reply.

Others speculated that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Wednesday appearance on the show could have been the catalyst for the event, as MTG is not without her haters. Pool said, “When you have someone such as MTG on, you generate a lot of attention.” Pool stated that the establishment hates her and the activists really dislike her. “I don’t believe she was involved in it, but it placed us on the radar.” Police will investigate the false call and the perpetrator will be brought to justice. Swatting is a dangerous and serious crime that can result in a felony conviction and substantial jail time.