The Left Continues the Demonize The Past


In a decade-long war against America’s past, the last two years saw an unprecedented rise in violence. There are many logical flaws to attacking previous generations of U.S. history.

Critics believe their moral judgmental generation is superior to the ones of the past. They use their own standards for condemning the mute dead they believe are not up to their standards.

But 21st-century critics are reluctant to acknowledge that their present comfort and affluence can be attributed to the past generations who worked hard to create it.

What will future scolds think of the modern generation that witnessed over 60 million abortions in the wake of Roe v. Wade? Even though fetal viability was improving at an ever-faster rate outside the womb, this is what they are going to say.

What will our grandchildren think of us, who drained them of over $30 trillion in national credit — much of which was borrowed for entitlements for themselves?

What kind of society does it make to snooze while record-breaking murders continue in 12 major cities? What’s so civilized about defunding police, carjackings, and smash-and-grab thefts?

Is our media more responsible, more professional, and better educated in 2021 or 1965? Was Hollywood more successful in making enjoyable and sophisticated films in 1954 than in 2021? Did professional athletes exhibit less or more sportsmanship in 1990 and 2021?

Is it moral to abandon the Civil Rights Movement’s 60-year-old “content of our character”, and “equal opportunity” principles? Is it better to replace them with “color of skin” or “equality of results”?

With a current labor participation rate of just six out of 10 Americans, would America have won World War II? Our generation would have sent all American troops home to avoid the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

Were we proud of the fact that student achievement and knowledge scores continue to plummet despite huge investments in education?

Did you ever stop to think that our modern standard for living and security is due to the fact that we used to be a meritocracy and stopped judging our workforce based on tribal affinities or ancient prejudices?

This generation is obsessed with infrastructure. It is hard to believe that the Hoover Dam, interstate highway system, or California Water Project were ever built. And, even worse, did it send a man to the moon?

Why do we continue to assume that the moral and material world left to us by our predecessors is so toxic? Is there anything that we have ever defeated comparable to the Axis power of Soviet communism in defeat?

We are all aware of the signs and symptoms of the current epidemic that is causing us to hate the past.

One is Orwellian statue-topping and renaming. Historical revision is often a reaction to mob frenzies and puritanical mobs rather than democratic discussion and votes by relevant elected officials.

Is there a pantheon of woke heroes that will replace the defaced and toppled Thomas Jefferson or Teddy Roosevelt?

Instead, whose achievements and morality should be preserved? Is it possible to overlook the private and public lives of Angela Davis, Che Guevara, and Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Racial fixations tend to go in one direction. We lump everyone who looks alike into inexact groups of “white,” or “black” — often to stereotype so-called white supremacy’s supposed evils.

However, if we continue down the tribalist and simplistic path of depicting oppressors and oppressed in cartoon form, will future generations be able to add up each group’s merits or deficiencies, and adjudicate the role of millions of Americans in making America better or worse?

How would they judge the ignorant world of racial stereotyping? Would they use proportional representation in Nobel Prizes or scientific breakthroughs, lasting art, music, and literature, or statistics on homicides and assault, divorce, and illegitimacy to judge it?

When legal, diverse, balanced, and often meritocratic, immigration has been America’s great strength. This is evident in the example of immigrant workers who left their homeland to start new lives in the United States.

If America is so broken and irredeemable, then why are almost 2 million foreigners now illegally crashing its borders in the fiscal year 2021, intent on reaching a racist nation that is purportedly less than those they abandoned?

According to an ancient brutal bargain, integration and assimilation give the immigrant the same claim to America’s past and present as native-born. The antithesis shouldn’t be denied, however.

Shouldn’t immigrants respect the people who made the country they so long for, and died in terrible places like Bastogne or Valley Forge?

Never before in history have such mediocre, self-important, and ungratifying generations owed so much to their forebears, yet shown so little gratitude.