Troll Tweets Ended Up On The CNN Broadcast On NYE


I let the kids watch CNN’s mainstream entertainment on New Year’s Eve. We were met with a joke about masturbation within 30 seconds. That was it. But, because we had turned it off, I missed an amazing moment when the public decided not to trust CNN and created fake Twitter handles such as “Mike Oxlong” or “Ben Dover”.

CNN broadcast the tweets as part of its live NYE coverage, which was co-hosted by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

“Another shot @Andy,” tweeted @DixieNormusssss.

“Regina King is killing the game looking better than ever!” stated @BenDover837.

We still do these NYE live countdowns. Why? They’re becoming raunchier and raunchier. The Nashville special was better than any cable network program. It was far less irritating to watch a live concert than drunken idiots. There was not one joke about masturbation!

Anderson Cooper’s shots are entertaining! Imagine Walter Cronkite doing the same. These people are not taken seriously as news anchors.

This isn’t the first time I have found them offensive. It’s quite awful to see Don Lemon make a fake laugh at the worst misandrist joke ever. A black woman can utter any anti-male, sexist nonsense because… Men are the only group that can be made offensive jokes about. Although I don’t know the identity of this woman or her motives for being on TV, it speaks volumes about CNN’s ability to not run a commercial during this revelation. It’s so disgusting, I won’t even attempt to write it down. It’s possible to watch it. You can watch it, but not in front of your children or at work.

The joke tweets were not in good taste but so was the entire cable TV NYE lineup. We can have nice things again!